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Sin City!

Everyone in this community [all 8 of you] need to go right now to see Sin City. Granted, it's a fabulous movie period. But, Nicky is in it!! Did you know this? I was sitting in the theatre when all of the sudden... there he was! Took me completely by surprise.

ummmm.... oh! Okay, i actually do have something more to say about Sin City. You know what? Do you? I had no fucking clue that Nicky fucking Katt was in this movie. Assuming you know who he is, did you? Why didn't you tell me? In the trailers they went through almost everybody... in the begginning of the movie they went through fucking everybody... except Nicky Katt. I've looked at the cast listing for Sin City several times... that's how i found out Michael Madsen was in it. He was in the opening credits. Nicky shoud've been, his part was substantial enough. [in case you're like 'who the fuck is Nicky Katt?' He was the guy with the swastika on his forehead who got shot with the arrow by Miho and didn't feel it. aka: Stuka]Why in god's name did i not know Nicky Katt was in it??! I've even looked at his IMDb filmography recently. Did i not notice? How is that possible? Did IMDb just add it after the movie was released? I just don't get it... i mean, i run the nickykatt community, for god's sake. I suck at my life. Seriously, after the first time i saw it i was ranting for quite some time.

This is why i love him though. Every movie he's in you're like... wait, what? Is that him? wtf? A Time to Kill, for instance... omg he was disgusting in that. a mulleted, pot belly rapist. Even in Riding the Bullet i barely recognized him. And of course, he was the best thing about 'Boston Public'. Also, any friend of Richard Linklater and Giovanni Ribisi is like automatically a friend of mine. He's similar to Nick Stahl... in that he's hot but always plays the most unnattractive person. And that's hot. You know?

So... yeah.
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